What is Current Archaeology?

It’s a magazine devoted to British archaeology; indeed with over 17,000 subscribers, it is by far the biggest magazine dedicated to British archaeology. It’s in full colour, it is focussed mainly on excavations and it covers all periods. It comes out monthly and it is aimed at what we call the middle market – we aim to bridge the gap between the amateur and the professional.

How can I get hold of a copy?

Well, we hope that these pages will give a pretty good idea of what it is like. Specimen copies of old issues are available on request. Better still, be rash, take out a subscription.

Is CA available in bookshops?

You can find the magazine in larger WH Smith stores, and good newsagents. You can usually ask your newsagent to reserve you a copy too, however the best deal is always to subscribe, where you will save 18% off the normal price.

Is there any foreign archaeology?

Yes!! In September 2003 we launched a new magazine, Current World Archaeology, focussing on archaeology from around the world.

Is CA suitable for children?

Current Archaeology is not a children’s magazine – children’s magazines have a tendency to patronise, and CA is definitely not patronising. Having said that, children who have already caught the archaeology bug, devour CA – (they enjoy not being patronised). We are now in the happy position that many of our articles come from excavators who began reading CA as children.

Money back guarantee

If when you subscribe, if you find that the magazine is not what you want, you may cancel within 90 days, and we will send your money back – and you may keep the magazines you have received.

How can I subscribe?

You may subscribe with absolute security using your credit card (Visa, Mastercard) over our secure server.
Alternatively, you can ring us on 020 8819 5580, or 08456 44 77 07.

Can I subscribe from America?

Yes, we are always delighted to take foreign subscribers, though we hope you will forgive us if we have to charge a little more to pay for the extra postage. We keep this as low as possible because we like having foreign subscribers. We are happy to accept American dollar cheques – otherwise please send a cheque drawn on a British bank. By far the best way to pay from abroad is by quoting your credit card number – we charge you in pounds, you will be charged in your own currency.