Location: Driffield, East Riding
Dates: 20th – 25th August 2019
Cost: From £135
Age: Participants must be 12 years and up.
Training / Experience: No prior experience required – all levels of ability welcome
Accommodation: No
Organization: DigVentures
Name: Maggie/Johanna
Address: n/a
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +44 (0) 333 011 3990


Two thousand years ago, the Romans marched north and established a centre at York. But while archaeologists have found many later Roman settlements from the 3rd and 4th centuries AD, only a handful of sites inhabited by the earliest Roman settlers in the region have ever been found… until now.

Excavating an early Roman site in East Yorkshire (Credit: DigVentures)

In 2015, three metal detecting friends uncovered a hoard of 18 silver coins.

We now know that the hoard was just one small remnant of a much wider Roman settlement, with buildings, mosaics, more silver coins, hundreds of Roman pottery sherds, and a tiny brooch, found on one of three neonatal burials.

What’s more, with many of the finds dating to around AD 50, it appears to be one of the earliest Roman settlements ever discovered in East Yorkshire.

This exciting site needs further investigation, will you be there to help us dig it?