Location: Hanwell, Oxfordshire
Dates: All year round, most Tuesdays and Thursdays, some additional days in the summer according to demand
Cost: Free
Age: 16+
Training / Experience: None required
Accommodation: None provided
Organization: Polyolbion Archaeology
Name: Stephen Wass
Address: 3 Chapel Row, Cropredy, OX17 1NS
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 01295 758 222


Volunteers working on the excavation of the east terrace [Photo Credit: S.Wass]

This will be the 6th year of archaeological investigation into the seventeenth century gardens at Hanwell Castle, part of a programme of doctoral research with the University of Oxford. We will be concentrating on the excavation of a water parterre which may be the location of the famous ‘House of Diversion’ described in Robert Plot’s 1675 Natural History of Oxfordshire. We use mainly local volunteers  but can assist with accommodation for those wishing to help out. We usually have other projects underway during the summer months for anyone with a special interest in garden archaeology.

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  1. CA
    November 3, 2016 @ 5:03 pm

    Hi John,
    Thank you for your message. You might like to get in touch directly with Revealing Oldknow’s Legacy with your enquiry. Their details are at the top of this page (email:; telephone: 07825 044 379; web:
    If you’re looking for other fieldwork opportunities, there are plenty listed on our website here: You can search by location by clicking on the links at the bottom of that page. The contact details for each project are at the top of each page. It’s best if you direct any enquiries to the contact details listed for that dig.
    Best wishes,
    The CA Team


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