Location: King John’s Palace, Kings Clipstone, Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire
Dates: Week A: 22-26 July 2019 Week B: 29 July-2 Aug 2019 Week C: 12-16 Aug 2019 Week D: 19-23 Aug 2019
Cost: £250 per person
Age: 16(+) but please email to discuss regarding 15 yrs and under
Training / Experience: No experience required
Accommodation: No
Organization: Mercian Archaeological Services CIC
Name: Andy Gaunt or Sean Crossley
Address: Staffordshire House, Beechdale Road, Nottingham, NG8 3FH
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 07512 845 291


Sherwood Forest Archaeological Training Fieldschool [Photo Credit: Mercian Archaeological Services CIC]

This is not an ordinary field school – this is a ‘Training Field School’ where you will learn about all aspects of archaeological excavation and receive hands on training and learning from archaeological professionals in the heart of Sherwood Forest.

This course is suitable for all levels from beginner to experienced digger.

You will receive training and experience in many techniques of excavation, including The Core Skills of the Archaeological Skills Passport:

  • Handtools (Trowel etc)
  • Handtools (Spade, Mattock etc)
  • Site Formation Processes
  • Stratigraphic Excavation
  • Context Sheet Recording
  • Site Photography
  • Site Grid and Trench Layout
  • Dumpy Level and Staff
  • Planning
  • Section Drawing
  • Collection of Samples
  • Artefact Recovery, Recording & Storage
  • Site Safety

Plus many higher level archaeological techniques that make up the Secondary Skills of the Archaeology Skills Passport including:

  • Survey (Total Station)
  • Finds Processing

As well as covering skill requirements for the Passport we also provide:

  • Pottery identification,
  • Finds handling,
  • Finds processing,
  • Flint Knapping Demonstrations,
  • History of Ceramics lectures,
  • And much more…

As well as offering the best in archaeological training and support, the Field School is tailored towards enabling attendees to fulfil the requirements of the Archaeological Skills Passport.

King John’s Palace was the Royal Heart of Sherwood Forest in the Medieval period.

The site was visited by all 8 kings from Henry II to Richard II. The site was used for hunting and feasting, jousting and entertaining royalty. According to legend King John held Parliament under an oak tree there in the run up to Magna Carta, and Edward I held Parliament there in 1290.

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