Location: Isle of Mull, Scotland
Dates: 12th to 25th August 2018
Cost: £575 (GBP)
Age: 18+
Training / Experience: No experience necessary
Accommodation: Yes
Organization: Heritage & Archaeological Research Practice
Name: Ian Hill
Address: H.A.R.P., 152 Morrison Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8EB
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 03339 209 495


The Field School will consist of 2 weeks excavation at the abandoned settlement of Kildavie, possibly dating back to the Early Medieval period. The settlement was inhabited until the 18th Century before being abandoned, with many villagers leaving Scotland for North America.

Previous investigations have identified at least sixteen structures ranging from domestic dwellings to possible sites of cottage industry. The excavation aims to investigate the origins of the site, and to determine the function/use of the buildings.

Planning the remains (Photo: HARP).

The site has been investigated by the Mull Archaeological Interest Group for the past few years, with extensive survey and limited excavation.  Participants in the field school will learn about the history of Kildavie, along with being taught how to carry out desk-based and historical research into the site. This will be followed by the opportunity to excavate two of the buildings on the site, where it is hoped that the origins of the site will be determined.

All participants will learn how to excavate to a professional archaeological standard as well as how to record the remains by way of technical drawing, photography and surveying. Alongside this participants will play a key role in public engagement and will learn about community archaeology, with the opportunity to work with volunteers from the Mull Archaeological Interest Group, and to help present our findings during a public open day.

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