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Organization: Kent Archaeological Field School
Name: Paul Wilkinson
Address: The Kent Archaeological Field School, School Farm Oast, Graveney Road, Faversham, Kent ME13 8UP
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 01795 532548


Excavation underway in Kent [Photo Credit: Kent Archaeological Field School]

Excavation underway in Kent [Photo Credit: Kent Archaeological Field School]

Courses at the Kent Archaeological Field School for 2018 will include:

Field Walking and Map Analysis

March 30th to Saturday 31st March 2018 – Easter Friday

Field work at its most basic involves walking across the landscape recording features seen on the ground. On this weekend course we are concerned with recognising and recording artefacts found within the plough soil. These include flint tools, Roman building material, pottery, glass and metal artefacts. One of the uses of field walking is to build up a database for large-scale regional archaeological surveys. We will consider the importance of regressive map analysis as part of this procedure.

The course will cover:

  1. Strategies and procedures,
  2. Standard and non-standard line walking, grid walking,
  3. Pottery distribution, identifying pottery and building ceramics.

We will be in the field in the afternoons so suitable clothing will be necessary. Cost £50 if membership is taken out at the time of booking. For non-members the cost will be £75.

Archaeological test pitting on the site of a recently discovered Roman Villa (or water mill) at Wye in Kent

May 28th to 29th 2018 – May Bank Holiday

On this weekend course we shall look at the ways in which archaeological sites are discovered and excavated and how different types of finds are studied to reveal the lives of former peoples. Subjects discussed will include aerial photography, regressive map analysis, HER data, and artefact identification. This course will be especially useful for those new to archaeology, as well as those considering studying the subject further. In the afternoons we will participate in an archaeological investigation on a Roman building under expert tuition.

Cost is £50 if membership is taken out at the time of booking. For non-members the cost will be £75.

Excavating at ‘Villa B’ at Oplontis next to Pompeii in Italy

May 28th to June 15th 2018 

We will be spending three weeks in association with the University of Texas investigating the Roman Emporium (Villa B) at Oplontis next to Pompeii. The site offers a unique opportunity to dig on iconic World Heritage Site in Italy and is a wonderful once in a lifetime opportunity.

Cost is £175 a week which does not include board or food but details of where to stay are available (Camping is 12EU a day and the adjacent hotel 50EU or Airbnb). Email Paul Wilkinson at for further details.

The final investigation of a substantial Roman Building at Faversham in Kent

July 30th to August 9th 2018

Two weeks investigating a substantial Roman building to find out its form and function. This is an important Roman building and part of a larger Roman villa complex which may have its own harbour. One of the research questions we will be tackling is the buildings marine association with the nearby tidal waterway.

Cost for the day £10 (Members free).

Training Week for Students on a Roman Building at Faversham in Kent

August 6th to August 10th 2018 

It is essential that anyone thinking of digging on an archaeological site is trained in the procedures used in professional archaeology. Dr Paul Wilkinson, author of the best selling “Archaeology” book and Director of the dig, will spend five days explaining to participants the methods used in modern archaeology. A typical training day will be classroom theory in the morning (at the Field School) followed by excavation at a Roman villa near Faversham.

Topics taught each day are:

  • Monday 6th August: Why dig?
  • Tuesday 7th August: Excavation Techniques.
  • Wednesday 8th August: Site Survey.
  • Thursday 9th August: Archaeological Recording.
  • Friday 10th August: Pottery identification.
  • Saturday & Sunday August 11th & 12th: (free) digging with the team

A free PDF copy of “Archaeology” 3rd Edition will be given to participants. Cost for the course is £100 if membership is taken out at the time of booking plus a Certificate of Attendance. The day starts at 10am and finishes at 4.30pm. For directions to the Field School see ‘Where ‘ on this website. For camping nearby see ‘accommodation’ in

Investigation of Prehistoric features at Hollingbourne in Kent

September 10th to 21th 2018

An opportunity to participate in excavating and recording prehistoric features in the landscape. The two weeks are to be spent in excavating Bronze and Iron Age features inside a small prehistoric homestead on the North Downs that was located with aerial photography and field survey.

Cost is £10 a day for non-members, members free.


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    Do you have a programme for 2017?


    • CA
      January 30, 2017 @ 10:28 am

      Hi Ray,
      Thank you for getting in touch. We’re currently in the process of updating our online digs listings. In the meantime, you can see the latest KAFS programme on their website:
      Best wishes,
      The CA Team


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