Interested in Archaeology or Geophysics? Join us in July for a TASTER WEEKEND at COPPED HALL (near Epping).

Designed for absolute beginners, this is an opportunity to dig and to handle finds on a “live” site, where you can help with an ongoing investigation, or to try out geophysics techniques. Professional archaeologists will introduce you to methods of excavation and the interpretation of finds, or several methods of geophysical surveying. You can expect to spend most of your time actually digging or surveying, and a team of supervisors will be available to help you. People of all ages (8yr +) and backgrounds are welcome, but to make the most of the weekend you need to be reasonably physically fit.

One of our groups trying their hands at excavation on a Taster Weekend in the garden of Copped Hall (Photo: West Essex Archaeological Group / Andrew Madeley)