Location: Coldingham, Berwickshire
Dates: 19th June to 1st July 2018
Cost: £165 per day / £625 per week
Age: Families with children aged 11 and under can join DigCamp (23rd June 2018). Children aged 12-16 can join the main dig if accompanied by an adult who is also digging.
Training / Experience: No experience necessary – beginners and experienced pros are equally welcome!
Accommodation: No, but there is a range of accommodation in the area from camping to B&Bs
Organization: DigVentures
Name: Harriet
Address: N/A
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 03330 113 990


DigVentures is searching for Lindisfarne’s sister monastery, founded by Princess Aebbe, near the remains of a later medieval priory at Coldingham [Photo Credit: DigVentures]

Picture this: it’s around AD 650 and the Northumbrian monastery founded on Lindisfarne by Anglo-Saxon King Oswald is rapidly rising to fame.

But just across the Scottish border something else is happening; Oswald has a sister named Aebbe, and she too has founded a monastery.

This historic site is fundamental to our understanding of the Anglo-Saxons in Scotland. Aebbe was an influential figure who brought Christianity to the east coast, and yet her monastery has never been properly located.

In 2017, new hope of finding it emerged. Armed with a set of geophysics results, DigVentures opened some small test pits and found traces of walls, ditches, animal bones and pottery. Our task now is to open up and excavate a larger area to gather more evidence and get a much better understanding of the site.

Always wanted to try archaeology? Want to improve your skills? Now’s your chance to join the DigVentures community and join our exciting mission to find Lindisfarne’s ‘sister monastery’!

DigVentures runs multiple crowdfunded excavations around the country, and is a CIfA-endorsed fieldschool.

Our excavations are open to all levels of experience. You’ll receive our signature skills training, be able to try advanced techniques and excavate, record and interpret your finds alongside our friendly archaeologists. We look forward to having you on the team!

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    Hi Georgia,
    We’ve just fixed a glitch with our website that meant that the contact details for digs weren’t showing – sorry about that!
    You might like to get in touch directly with HARP with your enquiry:
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