Location: Within classrooms at primary schools (years 1-6, ages 5-11)
Dates: September to March (though occasional dates available at other times; please contact us for details)
Cost: £300 a day (two classes) or £200 for half day (one class). Flexibility available – do check what is possible for your needs.
Age: Primary schools (years 1-6, ages 5-11)
Training / Experience: N/A
Accommodation: N/A
Organization: Access Cambridge Archaeology
Name: Emily Ryley
Address: Access Cambridge Archaeology, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, Pembroke Street, Cambridge CB2 3QG
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 01223 761 519


Cambridge Archaeology Learning Foundation (CALF) is being offered by Access Cambridge Archaeology, part of the University of Cambridge. CALF sessions use many different subject skills, to introduce archaeology and the evidence we use to understand the past. Sessions cover a wide range of time periods from the stone age, to the present day, and can be tailored to subjects currently being studied.

A wide range of activities brings archaeology to life for your students (Photo: Emily Ryley).

Fun activities include handling real artefacts and skeletons, looking at an archaeological ‘dig’ and pupils interpreting evidence of the past. CALF sessions provide learning opportunities which pupils might not otherwise be able to access. Pupils are shown how we discover the past, and get to practise many of the skills real archaeologists use every day. As such, the sessions teach key aims of the history curriculum, from methods of historical enquiry to perspectives of change over time.

CALF sessions aim to provide a ‘beacon’ learning experiences which will be enthusiastically remembered by pupils as highlights within their study of core curriculum topics and are very suitable for subject ‘launch’ days or any other point in the school year. As teaching is done within your classroom they can be arranged with great ease, providing the learning without the hassle of arranging an out of school visit. To ensure the whole school benefits, an assembly can also be given to the school.

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