Location: Bamburgh Castle Northumberland and Bradford Kaims (near Lucker), Northumberland
Dates: 11th June to 15th July 2017
Cost: £300.00 per six day week (includes camping and transport to and from site daily)
Age: 16 years or over (unless accompanied by an adult)
Training / Experience: Training is open to people of all experience levels and abilities
Accommodation: Camping
Organization: Bamburgh Research Project
Name: Cole Kelly
Address: 23 Kingsdale Avenue, Blyth, Northumberland. NE24 4EN
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 07711187651



Trench Three within the West Ward of Bamburgh Castle (PIC: BRP)

Bamburgh Castle has been occupied since at least the Iron Age and was one of the principal royal palaces of the early medieval kings of Northumbria.

BRP has been undertaking excavation in the West Ward of the castle since 2000 and are currently exploring 8th century deposits associated with high status metal-working. We believe we are in the heart of a production site of arms and armour for the royal court and will be opening a new horizon this summer that promises more exciting finds.

Bradford Kaims is located approximately 5 km west of Bamburgh. These excavations are focused upon a prehistoric lake system and have revealed a fascinating and diverse set of discoveries from Mesolithic to Bronze Age date.

We are investigating this landscape using topographic survey, coring, test-pitting and open-area excavation.

This year we are further investigating a burnt mound in Trench 6, which has proved in fact to be a complicated series of mounds, rather than a single event, and in our second area of excavation, work are continuing to investigate the area of a second burnt mound in Trench 9, also Neolithic in date, which shows signs of being associated with a sweat-lodge type structure.

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