Location: Irish National Heritage Park, Ferrycarrig, Wexford
Dates: July 14th – August 10th
Cost: $4,670
Age: 18+
Training / Experience: None
Accommodation: Yes
Organization: Irish Archaeology Field School
Name: Denis Shine
Address: n/a
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 00 353 89 4276912


Students visiting the historic site of Ferns (Credit: Irish Archaeology Field School)

Built in 1169 AD/CE, Ferrycarrig is crucial to our understanding of the earliest stages of the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland. The first permanent Anglo-Norman fortification to be built in Ireland, the site comprised a ringwork castle placed on a natural promontory overlooking the River Slaney and Wexford town. Today, the bank and ditch are all that remain above the ground but our archaeological excavations have uncovered significant evidence of the fortifications preserved below ground and continue to piece together the earliest days of the Anglo-Norman conquest of Ireland. Staying with local families in homestay accommodation, this program also offers a deeply enriching cultural immersion, guaranteeing students a truly memorable experience.

Ferrycarrig is located within the Irish National Heritage Park, an open-air museum which recreates the key stages in Ireland’s past, providing a stunning backdrop to the archaeological research site. Students will be exposed not only to archaeological investigation at the site but also to the many and myriad ways by which the public is presented, view and interpret the archaeological record.

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