Location: Aden Country Park, Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire
Dates: 29 April-12 May 2019
Cost: Free, a part from accommodation and food.
Age: None. Suitable for all ages and most abilities
Training / Experience: None – suitable for experienced and inexperienced
Accommodation: No but there is camping in the park and camp site
Organization: Cameron Archaeology Ltd
Name: Ali Cameron
Address: 45 View Terrace, Aberdeen, AB25 2RS
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 07581181057


Geophysical survey results (Credit: Rose Geophysics)

Aden Mansion House is now a ruin. It was probably built around 1758 after the Russell family acquired the estate. It was reconstructed in 1832-3 by John Smith and fell into disrepair in the 1920s. A geophysical survey revealed details of the gardens under the current lawn and also a possible earlier structure.  We will dig under the lawn and study the current ruin to see what we can find out about the buildings.

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