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The Enigma of the Red Snake

It is longer than Hadrian's Wall and the Antonine Wall taken together. It is over a thousand years older than the Great Wall of China as we know it today. It is of more solid construction than its ancient Chinese counterparts. It is the greatest monument of its kind between central Europe and China and it […]

Keros: Sanctuary of the Cycladic figurines

The enigmatic Cycladic figurines, the abstract figures found in the Cyclades islands, have had enormous influence on modern art. They first came to notice at the same time as modern art was beginning to go abstract, and their stark abbreviated geometric forms persuaded modern artists to do likewise. But when exactly did they flourish and […]

Hidden Jordan

The highlands of Northern Jordan are cave country. In nearby Israel, such caves produce a rich archaeology – especially of late prehistoric Copper Age burials. Are there similar cave burials in Jordan? Unfortunately, exploring caves is not included in the standard archaeological syllabus. CWA reports Here on how archaeologists linked up with caving professionals to […]

The Magerius Mosaic

How a Roman amphitheatre really worked "Roll up! Roll up! Roll Up! There will be a magnificent spectacle at the amphitheatre today, and you mustn't miss it! Magerius is giving it. Of course, you all know Magerius who has just finished his term of office as mayor. He's a pompous old ass but he thinks […]

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