ImageWelcome to Current World Archaeology . . . 

On September 19th 2003, Current World Archaeology was launched in splendour at the Stationer's Hall, London, as a sister magazine to the long established Current Archaeology. The launch was a huge success and it has achieved a circulation of 11000 subscribers within the first 6 months. It is published six times a year in the even months.

The Scope

Current World Archaeology covers the world from the first emergence of man down to yesterday. There is inevitably a focus on Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Near East, and Greece and Rome, but don’t worry – the best of the rest of the world is also covered regularly.


Travel opportunities feature regularly in Current World Archaeology. There are both special country round-ups and advice on how to visit some of the more out-of-the-way sites.

Complete Issue

A complete version of the first issue of Current World Archaeology is available on the web for a complete download in pdf format. Click here for the 5 megabyte download.

Other Features

Other features include regular book reviews, the latest news from around the world and ‘Postcards’ from distinguished archaeologists who have had privileged access to the latest discoveries.


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