Category: CWA

CWA 18

CWA 18 was published in August 2006 and contained features on the rock-cut churches of Lalibela in Ethiopia, the forthcoming display in the British Museum's Room 2, the tomb of Zoser in Saqqara and the significance of its funerary art, the records made by Howard Carter of his historic finds in Tutankhamun's tomb and finally […]

CWA 19

CWA 19 was published in October 2006 and contained features on the wide-ranging history of Gor Khuttree in the Khyber Pass, Kushite remains at Dangeil in the Sudan, the once highly developed city of Raqqa in Syria and also takes a look at the evolution of Iceland as an international trading hub.  

CWA 20

  CWA 20 was published in December 2006 and contained articles on the Roman Port of Ostia, palaeontological finds at the Spanish site of Orce, a look at the history of Ghana over the past 200 years, and a preview of the forthcoming British Museum exhibition on Polynesian "tapu".  

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