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Keros: Sanctuary of the Cycladic figurines

The enigmatic Cycladic figurines, the abstract figures found in the Cyclades islands, have had enormous influence on modern art. They first came to notice at the same time as modern art was beginning to go abstract, and their stark abbreviated geometric forms persuaded modern artists to do likewise. But when exactly did they flourish and […]

Hidden Jordan

The highlands of Northern Jordan are cave country. In nearby Israel, such caves produce a rich archaeology – especially of late prehistoric Copper Age burials. Are there similar cave burials in Jordan? Unfortunately, exploring caves is not included in the standard archaeological syllabus. CWA reports Here on how archaeologists linked up with caving professionals to […]

CWA 24

CWA 24 was published in July 2007 and contained articles on the Palaeoindian site of Folsom -North America’s most famous site,  the ancient, pre-Islamic, history of Northern Arabia, the discovery of Europe's oldest modern humans in the Romanian Carpathian Mountains and finally,  a profile of the forthcoming British Museum Chinese Terracotta Army exhibition.     […]


Frequently asked questions  What is Current World Archaeology? Current World Archaeology is a new magazine dealing with World Archaeology. It is a sister magazine to Current Archaeology, which deals with archaeology in Britain. It was launched in September 2003

Introducing CWA

Welcome to Current World Archaeology . . .  On September 19th 2003, Current World Archaeology was launched in splendour at the Stationer's Hall, London, as a sister magazine to the long established Current Archaeology. The launch was a huge success and it has achieved a circulation of 11000 subscribers within the first 6 months. It […]

The Magerius Mosaic

How a Roman amphitheatre really worked "Roll up! Roll up! Roll Up! There will be a magnificent spectacle at the amphitheatre today, and you mustn't miss it! Magerius is giving it. Of course, you all know Magerius who has just finished his term of office as mayor. He's a pompous old ass but he thinks […]


Visiting Pompeii

Pompeii is one of the World’s great archaeology attractions. And more of it is being uncovered every day. Here is our brief guide to the latest research and discoveries. Introduction Until recently, Pompeian archaeologists spent most of their time clearing volcanic debris to expose extensive areas of the city or trying to classify the architecture, […]

CWA 23

CWA 23 was published in June 2007 and contained articles on the nature of what an Egyptian harem was and what its job was in light of new findings at Gurob, daily bojects recovered from the Punic town of Kerkouane and what they have in common with Greek finds, what to expect when excavating the […]

CWA 22

CWA 22 was published in April 2007 and contained articles on new theories for the demise of the Maya, especially in Belize, the circumstances surrounding Howard Carter's historic find and why "Tutmania" has gripped the world ever since, the legendary canal of Xerxes that passed through Greece and to what extent Herodotus was correct, the recently […]

CWA 21

CWA 21 was published in February 2007 and contained articles on the Dhakleh Oasis in the Egyptian desert and how it changed over time and The London Dockland's Museum exhibition about the first English settlement in America and how it maintained links with England. Also the CWA editor recounts the tales of her travels in China, […]

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