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Visiting Jordan

Jordan is home to some of the most ancient civilisations on the planet, with archaeological evidence bearing witness to human occupation back into the Neolithic era.  The country holds treasures as diverse as the famous rose-red city at Petra to the magnificent Crusader castle at Kerak and the comparatively modern sites at Wadi Rum where […]

Great Arab Revolt Project 2007

After a remarkably successful season in 2006 GWAG, with its team of 25, are returning to further uncover the archaeological sites of the latter stages of the 1st World War and the Arab Revolt along the Hejaz Railway in Jordan.


Visiting Pompeii

Pompeii is one of the World’s great archaeology attractions. And more of it is being uncovered every day. Here is our brief guide to the latest research and discoveries. Introduction Until recently, Pompeian archaeologists spent most of their time clearing volcanic debris to expose extensive areas of the city or trying to classify the architecture, […]