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The Church in Ireland

In a fascinating article by Eamon Hedderman on Church and State in the Republic of Ireland, we learn that Article 44 of the Irish Constitution guarantees ‘the rights of every denomination to manage its own affairs’.


A corner devoted to the champions of political correctness

Jack Lucas

On 14th December I was off to Rugby to celebrate the opening of the Jack Lucas Gallery at Rugby Museum.

New Ancient Monuments Act?

A new Ancient Monuments Act will apparently shortly be published, but already main outlines are beginning to emerge. There will be three core proposals.

Petrie in Palestine: a big disappointment

I must disagree with Neil over this exhibition (see CA 208, page 36). I went to the opening, and to the accompanying lecture, and though the lecture was fine, the exhibition was a big disappointment.

Tempus fugit

Would you like to be the chief publisher of the Tempus archaeological books?

Listed Buildings Consent: the owner's viewpoint

In the latest Conservation Bulletin, published by English Heritage, there is an interesting contribution by David Fursden, the President of the Country Land and Business Association. An extract is given here.

Heritage Protection

On 8th March 2007, a government White Paper was launched on Heritage Protection for the 21st century to foreshadow a new Heritage Protection Act to replace or amend the current legislation – mainly the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act of 1979.


How frequently were amphitheatres used in the Roman World? At the recent Amphitheatre conference at Chester on the 16th-18th February 2007, held to mark the conclusion of the excavations of the Roman amphitheatre at Chester, the highlight was a fierce debate as to how intensively amphitheatres were actually used.

The London Archaeologist

The London Archaeologist has been relaunched with a new format, a new design and colour throughout.

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