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Every year, the Current Archaeology Awards celebrate the projects and publications that have made the pages of Current Archaeology over the 12 months, and the people judged to have made outstanding contributions to archaeology.

We will be announcing the nominees for the awards in Current Archaeology, and we will list the nominees here on the Current Archaeology website, where you will be able to cast your votes.

These awards are voted for entirely the public – there are no panels of judges – so we encourage you to get involved and choose the projects, publications, and people who you would like to win.

The main prizes are awarded in the following four categories: Book of the Year; Research Project of the Year; Rescue Dig of the Year; and Archaeologist of the Year.

Find out more about voting in this year's Archaeology Awards

Book of the Year 2011

Current Archaeology‘s Book of the Year 2011 is awarded to Julian Bowsher and Pat Miller for The Rose and the Globe: Playhouses of Shakespeare. This has been a year filled with fabulous reading. So many great books have crossed our desks! We have done our best to review as many as possible, and we hope you have had a chance to read some.

Research Project of the Year 2011

This year, the much coveted Research Project of the Year prize went to The Ness of Brodgar, and was accepted on behalf of the team by Nick Card, Senior Projects Manager at the Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology.

Rescue Dig of the Year 2011

Congratulations to the team behind the Frome Hoard, which was named as Current Archaeology‘s Rescue Dig of the Year 2011.

The award was accepted by Sam Moorhead on behalf of the project team, including Dave Crisp (finder), Katie Hinds and Anna Booth (Finds Liaison Officers), Bob Croft and Alan Graham (excavators).


Current Archaeology Awards 2010

Current Archaeology  is pleased to announce the winners of their 2010 awards, presented 27 February 2010, at the British Museum as part of the Archaeology 2010 conference.  

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