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Specialist Tool supply company posting out to the archaeological fraternity world wide.

Flintknapper & Primitve Technologist

One of the countries leading Flintknappers and Primitive Technologists. He has been studying and practising for over 12 years, he lectures and has been featured on TV programs such a Time Team. He is equally happy working with children or adults and is available all year round for demonstrations, tuitions, and Archaeology days. Replicas made […]

Squeegee Labels

Make specialist waterproof labels, and have been supplying archaeologists since the mid 80’s.Their most common uses are for site and finds labels and for long term storage. They can be plain, printed or punched to order.

Ama Menec Sculptor

I make figurative ceramic sculptures based on Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Bronze Age and Medieval female archetypes and Goddesses, such as Cycladic Greek, Naqada pre-dynastic Egyptian, and British Sheila-na-Gigs. From small to life sized, for home and garden. Future pieces will include Catal Huyuk fat Goddess, Medusa mask and Pegasus wall plaque. Hand made in Devon, […]

Roman Glassmakers

We have worked as glassmakers since 1989, and have devoted virtually all of our time to re-creating Roman glass. In June 2001 we switched from making free-blown and mould-blown Roman glass to working full-time on mosaic glass for one year. In our capacity as glassblowers we have appeared on several British national television programmes devoted […]


Underwater Positioning system for accurate 3D location, AQUA-METRE D100 system especially suited for archaeological needs Also available: AQUA-METRE R300 for metrology using ROV (dam survey,…) down to 300 metres and R3000 for very deep offshore needs down to 3000 metres.

R M Design

On-site and post-excavation equipment. Photographic, planning and illustration aids.

Field Instruments Limited

We design, manufacture and sell resistivity meters intended for archaeological use and accessories and software. We host the UK mirror of the open source GRASS GIS software (free at our web site). We provide consulting services based around this and other geographical software packages.

Fine Limit Welding

Have made an RGC Sieve Grader which is designed to make the process of sifting small finds from excavations and digs far easier than before. It is easy to use and fully portable.

Heritage Marketing and Publications Ltd

Heritage Marketing and Publications Ltd also trades as Heritage Archaeological Books. They specialise in the marketing of archaeological and related journal off-prints, out-of-print, remaindered and selected new books. Publishing of high quality, low cost paper publications, together with e-publishing. Contact telephone number: +44 (0) 1760 755645