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CA 193

This issue marks the opening of the 17th volume of Current Archaeology, so it is  time for a new look, and a new layout. We are introducing perfect binding which  has been so well received in Current World Archaeology – so the magazine  now has a spine. There is also a new modem layout – […]

Carenza's first dig

Carenza Lewis, Preceptor in Archaeology at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, and Team member of Channel 4’s Time Team tells us of going on her first dig

Joining a field school

Few activities are as rewarding as the physical exploration of a personal hobby or interest, and for archaeological enthusiasts an increasing variety of opportunities to participate in fieldwork are becoming available across the country. There is high demand each season for places on the expanding number of training excavations and field schools, as people from […]


CA 192

More Iron Age gold has been found in north-west Norfolk. Our lead story this issue  comes from my own site at Sedgeford. Set up as an Anglo-Saxon dig in 1996, not  only have we now hit the Iron Age, we have hit treasure – not once but twice, first with a hoard of 39 gold […]

I love the past! Do you?

I have spent all my life studying the past. From travelling around the UK in my camper van going from site to site in the summer, to visiting the archaeology of Guatemala, South East Asia, all across Europe and many other corners of the world. The best thing about the past is being part of […]

Welcome to Current Archaeology!

The Current Archaeology website is going through a metamorphosis… It will be down from 27/9/2007, but it should be back up and running better than ever from 1/10/2007. For subscriptions, please call us on 08456 44 77 07 Rob Selkirk


CA 191

Iron Age warriors are in the news again, and three sites in quite different  regions of Britain allow us to compare and contrast burial practices and  equipment. At Brisley Farm, near Ashford in east Kent, two very late Iron  Age warriors seem to have been revered for years into the Roman period,  making us wonder […]


CA 190

We start this issue with a spectacular new discovery: an Anglo-Saxon royal  burial fit to compare with Sutton Hoo. Though the body had completely  rotted away, the wooden burial chamber had been preserved by sand  seeping through cracks to fill the air space, leaving artefacts still hanging on  walls just where they had been placed […]


CA 189

Have the Treasure Hunters won? For the past generation, treasure hunters  have been the bête noire of archaeologists, yet suddenly, everything seems to  be going their way. There is a new Treasure Act; the BBC puts on a much  criticised series; there are two new books and even the British Museum has  put on a […]

Manchester Region Industrial Archaeology Society

Programme of talks, visits and meetings. Undertakes evaluations of industrial sites. Recently took part in the Time Team programme Rubble at Mill planning. Contact Details Web: