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Saddleworth Historical Society

Programme of monthly lectures at Saddleworth Museum. Publishes a quarterly bulletin and large range of maps, guides and books. Involved in excursions, archive research, industrial archaeology, conservation and excavation. Tours of Castleshaw Roman fort.

Worcestershire Archaeological Society

Programme of winter lectures and summer excursions. Publishes a newsletter ‘The Recorder’, and biennial Transactions. The society has its own library of specialist books and periodicals.

Tong Archaeological Group

Carries out aerial photographic research and follow-up fieldwork in the Tong area. Continuing work on reports of past excavations. Limited excavation work at weekends still ongoing.

Woolhope Naturalists Field Club – Archaeological Research Section

Monthly meetings to investigate new or inadequately recorded archaeological sites in Herefordshire and neighbouring counties. A twice yearly newsletter is published with news and events. Also publishes an annual journal recording the results of investigations & carries out documentary research.

North Hertfordshire Archaeological Society

Programme of monthly lectures September to May, and various walks and talks. Chairman tutors courses on archaeology throughout the local area for Cambridge University and W.E.A. List available on application. Francis Pryor MBE is the Hon. President. Contact Details Website: