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AMTeC Co-op Ltd.

Ancient materials, technology and conservation co-operative. Runs workshops in experimental archaeology, makes replicas, and carries out technological and conservation research. Displays and public viewing gallery attached to foundry in Chatham’s Historic Dockyard.

Friends of the Newport Ship

The Friends of the Newport Ship (S.O.S.) is a Registered Charity formed in 2002 to promote knowledge and information about the Newport Mediaeval Ship and to foster an appreciation of the maritime and industrial heritage of South Wales. The Association aims to provide a forum for debate, monitor progress on conservation of the vessel and […]

Warwickshire Archaeology Research Team

The Chesterton Project. The Team have discovered Roman settlements of national importance. We have partly excavated and surveyed the Chesterton Roman house and Mosaics. Also a program of geophysical surveys of the Roman Town and settlement at Windmill Farm. Recent joint projects with English Heritage Centre for Archaeology Evaluation at Chesterton Moat, Church End to […]

Belfast Naturalists Field Club

The Belfast Naturalists Field Club provides an ideal focal point for amateurs and professionals interested in the natural sciences, the built environment and their histories. It has Archaeology, Botany, Geology and Zoology sections, open to all members. Activities cover the whole of Northern Ireland, not just Belfast and its environs. You do not need to […]

Biggar Museum Trust Archaeology Group

All year round upland survey, arable fieldwalking, rescue and research excavation, museum post excavation work, displays, lectures, demonstration events, handling collection, Young Archaeologists Club. Specific area of fieldwork is Clydesdale and Tweedsdale, all voluntary, new members welcome.