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Investigating the isotopes of the Blick Mead dog

In 2016, a single canine tooth was found at Blick Mead – a major Mesolithic site 2km from Stonehenge. Now further isotopic analyses have revealed a complicated picture of the dog’s diet and possible migration patterns.

EMAS at Leacanabuaile Fort

The EMAS Archaeological Society

EMAS was founded in 1988 as the University of London Extra-Mural Archaeological Society and was initially open to anyone who was a past, or present, student of the University of London Extra-Mural Certificate and Diploma Classes.


Profile: Marguerite Wood and Margaret Simpson

Search the internet for Marguerite Wood (1888-1954) and Margaret Simpson (1906-1994) and you will not find much – an unusual occurrence these days, when everything seems to be recorded on the web. Their names are little known today, despite the impact of their work on Scotland’s heritage – and despite Margaret having a claim to […]

Excavation of the Bitterley Hoard

Redefining ‘Treasure’: a public consultation and new guidance for landowners

The Heritage Minister has proposed a series of changes for the way Treasure finds are processed, and the PAS has released new metal-detecting guidance for landowners. With recorded Treasure finds hitting a record high for the second year running (CA 347), Heritage Minister Michael Ellis MP has launched a public consultation on a review of […]


What people say about CA Live!

Exceeded expectations. I was expecting a lot and got more – it’s good to have access to good speakers and key personnel in the projects. I flew all the way from Dubai for the conference and thoroughly enjoyed every presentation. It was an excellent weekend in a superb building with great biscuits. I’ve been to […]


Current Archaeology Awards 2019: Photos

Scroll down to view pictures from the 11th annual Current Archaeology Awards. Click the image to view a high-resolution version. All pictures should be credited as stated in the image caption. The winners of the 11th annual Current Archaeology Awards were announced on Friday 8 March, as part of Current Archaeology Live! 2019. The awards celebrate the projects and publications […]


PRESS RELEASE: Archaeological dig along the A14 – one of the largest archaeological projects ever undertaken in the UK – wins Current Archaeology’s prestigious Rescue Project of the Year award for 2019

A prestigious archaeological award for Rescue Project of the Year 2019 has gone to MOLA Headland Infrastructure for their work along the A14. Major road-improvement works on the A14 afforded the opportunity to investigate an entire landscape over six millennia, and was one of the largest and most complex archaeological projects ever undertaken in the […]


PRESS RELEASE: Largest ever ancient DNA study – showing at least 90% of British ancestry was replaced by a wave of migrants from the Continent around 4,500 years ago – wins Current Archaeology’s prestigious Research Project of the Year award for 2019

The work of Iñigo Olalde and colleagues examined the Bell Beaker Complex – a hugely popular cultural phenomenon that swept through Europe and Britain during the 3rd millennium BC. This massive ancient DNA project illuminated how it developed and spread, showing that it had a particularly profound impact on the population of Bronze Age Britain, […]

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