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(Bamburgh Research Project)     1) What qualities do you look for in a digger? A genuine interest in, and enthusiasm to learn about archaeology, is the quality we most value. Anything else can be taught if someone wants to learn. Of course being intelligent and good with your hands is also a bonus.   […]



(Tetbury – Archeoscan)     1) What qualities do you look for in a digger? I believe the best quality is enthusiasm closely followed by a willingness to learn. An interest in history/archaeology is an advantage as is an inquisitive mind.  A sense of humour may come in handy for those days when it is […]



(Green, Isle of Eday, Orkney)   1) What qualities do you look for in a digger? Enthusiasm, willingness to muck in with all activities &  a good team player. A passion for archaeology & an interest either in the site itself or the period.  As we all live and work together 24/7 it is important […]



(Saveock Water Archaeology)     1) What qualities do you look for in a digger? The most important quality we look for is enthusiasm and a love of all things in the past.   2) What items of equipment would you say are essential for a novice to bring along themselves? At Saveock we provide […]



(Rampart Scotland, Balbithan Landscape Project) 1) What qualities do you look for in a digger? The most important quality is that they want to be there, they are keen to explore the past, to be the first to see or touch something in hundreds or thousands of years. However, they should be physically fit and […]



(Kent Archaeological Field School)   1) What qualities do you look for in a digger? Care and diligence for detail.   They should be aware of why they are digging, and what it is they are digging too, and be prepared to record everything as they progress.   2) What items of equipment would you […]


Nothing beats the excitement of hands-on archaeology, and with the new digging season almost upon us, there is no time to lose. This is a chance to get practical experience, either before heading off to university, or putting into practice what has been studied in theory. But for most, this is simply a glorious way […]


Personal Dig Checklist

When you are about to embark on a dig, it’s a good idea to double check you have everything you might need – below is a quick checklist with the essentials. Travel and Money Preparation: Travel tickets and insurance Maps, directions and phone numbers Appropriate jabs and medications   Packing for Projects – essentials Functional […]


The Stones of Stonehenge

Tim Darvill and Geoffrey Wainwright’s research focuses on the very stones of Stonehenge. Here, they give us an insight into their 2008 excavation at Stonehenge and ten years of fieldwork in and around the Bluestone quarries in the Preseli Hills of north Pembrokeshire. Previous analysis of Stonehenge has focussed on its layout and construction, chronology […]

University of Birmingham – Dig for Shakespeare

  Dig for Shakespeare The University of Birmingham Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity is an internationally acclaimed research community that brings archaeology and heritage to life. Our research and projects are exciting and diverse, and most recently have involved digging up Shakespeare! A team of archaeologists from Birmingham Archaeology are involved in the ground-breaking investigation […]

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