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Culver Archaeological Project

The Culver Archaeological Project involves the local community, students and volunteers in the investigation of the historic environment under the supervision of the founding director Rob Wallace, and deputy David Millum. The current excavations are at Bridge Farm, a Romano-British settlement, discovered in 2011, with evidence of activity from late 1st to late 4th century […]

Liss Flying Bull Big Dig

Liss Archaeology

Liss Archaeology’s objective is to investigate the archaeological heritage of the local area. They also want to encourage and involve local people to learn about their local history by having hands on experience of various aspects of archaeology. We produce reports on our excavations and on the other activities of the group There are at least two digs a […]


Doggerland rises: exploring lands and livelihoods lost under the North Sea

The dramatic impact of flooding on modern British communities was all too clear at the start of this year. But how did our prehistoric predecessors respond to the inundations that transformed their surroundings and drove them from their homes at the end of the last Ice Age? Jim Leary reports. The recent flood of desperate […]

Current Archaeology 314 - out now!

Current Archaeology 314

Twelve thousand years ago, Britain was joined to Europe by a great plain, where Mesolithic people lived and hunted. But as water levels rose, their home was submerged beneath the North Sea. What did this loss of place mean for the wave of migrants it created? Mobility of another kind is under the microscope elsewhere in this issue, as an […]

roman road excavation chilcomb

North East Hants Archaeological Society – Field Archaeology Branch

North East Hants Archaeological Society – Field Archaeological Branch researches, surveys, investigates and publishes their findings on Roman Roads. Currently they are surveying the Roman Road from Winchester – Chichester. Excavations take place on the Bank Holiday weekends March – August. Members are also invited to participate with surveying on allocated dates. Visit the website, […]

Current Archaeology 311---out-now!

Current Archaeology 311

Monty Python’s pithy question ‘What have the Romans ever done for us?’ cuts to the heart of the pros and cons of conquest. Debate about how Britons fared under Roman rule weighs the balance between exploitation and opportunity, but rarely strays into the arena of overseas travel. There is little sign in ancient texts that Britons enthusiastically seized their chance […]

Current Archaeology 310 - out-now!

Current Archaeology 310

Archaeology is all about teasing out hidden details. At Verulamium, the site of the Roman city scrutinised during recent investigations is conspicuous enough, but its streets and city blocks have long since grassed over. Now geophysical survey has laid bare one of the great cities of Roman Britain. On Anglesey, a project is seeking to […]

Current Archaeology 309-out-now!

Current Archaeology 309

Visiting some of Britain’s wilder landscapes today, it can be easy to overlook the mouldering machinery of past heavy industry, and the scars incised by mineral extraction. Such abstraction must have required greater mental agility in the 18th- and 19th-century Mendip Hills, though, when Romantic poets and artists seeking rural inspiration found that the Industrial […]

Current Archaeology 308-out-now!

Current Archaeology 308

In March 1665 the London sailed up the Thames to collect her captain. Although this ship was laden with munitions, ready for action in the Second Anglo-Dutch War, her Thames voyage provided an opportunity for a pleasure cruise. Numerous ladies were on board when the London’s powder store was accidentally ignited, sending the ship – […]


Salisbury Museum

The new Wessex Gallery of Archaeology showcases Salisbury Museum’s spectacular collection of artefacts from Stonehenge and the surrounding area. The area around Salisbury boasts an almost incredible wealth of archaeological sites, from immediately recognisable monuments such as Stonehenge, to spots like the Blick Mead Mesolithic homebase (CA 293), where ongoing research is still revealing their exciting potential. […]

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