Author: Emma Watts-Plumpkin


Book of the Year 2014

This year has brought many excellent books through  our door. The following titles are those we feel deserve  special recognition.


Archaeologist of the Year 2014

We always look forward to escaping from the office to meet archaeologists working to uncover the secrets of the past – their hard work and dedication is always inspiring. This year we would like to put forward the following individuals for special recognition of their work.


Redating Early England

Explaining the end of Early Anglo-Saxon funerary traditions   While rewriting the Neolithic in Gathering Time (CA 259), Alex Bayliss was also working with John Hines and a team of experts on a longer-term project to discover what new scientific techniques could reveal about Early Anglo-Saxon burials. The results shed fascinating light on an England […]


Current Archaeology Live! 2014

Current Archaeology Live! 2014 was held on 28th Feb – 1st March 2014, at the University of London’s Senate House. Once again we heard from a fantastic line-up of the foremost archaeological experts on the latest astonishing finds and ground-breaking research. The full timetable can be found below: Current Archaeology Awards The winners of the […]


The Ebbsfleet elephant

Making a killing in the Thames Estuary In 2004 the skeleton of an elephant still surrounded by the flints used to butcher it some 400,000 years ago was discovered by Oxford Archaeology. Now, over nine years of study has shed new light on Palaeolithic activity in Britain. It also provides a rare glimpse of an […]


Oxford Archaeology: 40 years young

Oxford Archaeology, one of the oldest archaeological units in the UK, celebrates its 40th birthday this autumn. CA caught up with Chief Executive Gill Hey to hear about the triumphs and tribulations of four decades of developer-driven archaeology. Happy birthday! So why was Oxford Archaeology (OA) formed in 1973? It all came out of the […]


CA 284

Had you arrived 400,000 years ago, the Thames Estuary would offer a  world-class safari. Lions, rhinos, monkeys, and elephants all quenched  their thirst near what is now Ebbsfleet. Some never left. One massive  bull elephant was brought down by a pack of particularly dangerous  predators. As well as daring to take on the massive, 4m-high […]

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