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Current Archaeology 292

An 11th-century jaunt across Lough Corrib, Co. Galway, in a sleek  logboat ended in disaster. A mishap cracked the hull open, forcing  the crew to abandon both their boat and the Viking-style war  axes stowed on board. Now survey of the Lough has revealed  that this vessel was neither the first, nor the last to […]


Current Archaeology 291

What are the origins of the classic English village? Once believed to be an Anglo-Saxon or Viking import, the appearance of this quintessential countryside feature is increasingly looking like a post-Norman Conquest imposition. So what did the Anglo-Saxon equivalent look like? Tapping into the wealth of information flowing from developer-funded archaeology, John Blair has been […]


Archaeological April Fools

Every year on 1 April, the staff of  CA  eagerly scan as many news sources as we can get our hands on, searching for the best archaeological April Fools’ Day pranks that we can spot (while keeping everything crossed that we don’t laughingly pass up a genuine scoop!). This year we weren’t disappointed – here […]


Current Archaeology 290

On the 10th February, under a cloak of secrecy, the remarkable  artefacts in the Staffordshire Hoard were reunited for the first  time since they were scattered by a plough strike. This helped  specialists studying the vast Anglo-Saxon jigsaw puzzle to match up  fragments that once adorned the same items. It is now known that decorations […]

Photo: Martin Bates

First Impressions: discovering the earliest human footprints in Europe

Between 850,000 and 950,000 years ago a small party set out across the upper reaches of an estuary. The group was made up of at least five individuals, including adults and  children, while the tidal mudflats they were navigating lay at the mouth of what is now the Thames. Flowing almost 100 miles north of […]


Current Archaeology 289

When Martin Bates left his geophysical equipment to take its readings and wandered down to the beach at Happisburgh he made a remarkable discovery. An old clay bed recently exposed by the sea was pockmarked with footprints. This trail has proven to be the earliest trace of a human journey in Europe, providing a powerful […]

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Earliest human footprints outside Africa found – in Norfolk

Archaeologists have found the earliest human footprints known outside Africa, at Happisburgh on the Norfolk coast. Dating back 800,000 years, the prints are thought to have been made by five individuals, including both adults and children. They were identified by a team of scientists led by the British Museum, Natural History Museum, and Queen Mary […]

Homo Sapien model-035-141113

Colonising Britain – One million years of our human story

When did the first people arrive in what is now Britain? Ongoing research into an extraordinary concentration of Palaeolithic sites on the coasts of Norfolk and Suffolk has uncovered evidence of human activity dating back about 900,000 years — almost twice as long as previously thought. Now the subject of a major exhibition at London’s […]

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