Author: Carly Hilts

CA Live!

Current Archaeology Live! 2012

Now in its fifth year, Current Archaeology Live! is still going from strength to strength. Held for the first time at the University of London’s Senate House, over 350 people came to share the latest news from digs taking place all over the UK and abroad, and to hear the results of the 2012 Current […]


CA 265

RMS Titanic is more than just a wrecked liner. The human toll of her loss is well known, with some 1,500 of the 2,200 on board perishing in the early hours of 15th April 1912. Yet ever since her resting place was located in 1985, Titanic has been at the forefront of questions about the […]

Helmet new

Reconstructing the Hallaton Helmet

A Roman imperial jigsaw puzzle The discovery of fragmentary remains of several Roman helmets at Hallaton, Leicestershire, set conservators quite a challenge. Now, over a decade later their work is complete. Helen Sharp and Simon James reveal what has been learnt. It is 11 years since a mass of corroded iron was found in a […]


The Hackney Hoard

One summer’s day in 2007 several companions set about an ambitious piece of landscaping in the back garden of their residence in Hackney, Greater London.   As their shovels pierced the turf they were likely to have been thinking of the heavy work before them when a chance discovery brought them to a halt; for […]


Digging Jacob's Island

A new chapter for Oliver Twist February 7th marks the 200th anniversary of novelist Charles Dickens’ birth. But how might archaeology offer a new chapter to his blockbusting London slum story, Oliver Twist? David Saxby, of Museum of London Archaeology, explains all. Few writers conjure up images of Victorian London more readily than Charles Dickens, […]


CA 264

  February is the bicentenary of Dickens’ birth. Revered for his vivid descriptions of Victorian London, he is also applauded for drawing attention to the plight of the poorest in society. One of the slums he visited was Jacob’sIsland, which became the backdrop to the thrilling dénouement of Oliver Twist. Yet while the level of […]


Time Team series 19

The  Time Team  are back! Join Tony Robinson and friends at a number of noted and less well known archaeological sites across Britain.  Expect grubby hands, evocative insights, intriguing discoveries, revealing reconstructions, plenty of arguments amongst the experts and the usual excitement from the team.We are very excited to mark the start of series 19 […]


CA 263

In December I was fortunate enough to stand on the Nene riverbank in 1300 BC. Beside me were the stumps of prehistoric willow trees. Beneath me was a channel choked with the detritus of Bronze Age river life. Perfectly preserved eel traps, fish weirs and boats — six of them — still lay where they […]

Must Farm

Must Farm’s Bronze Age Boats

Last year’s discovery of six Bronze Age boats and an intact prehistoric riverside at Must Farm, Cambridgeshire, was a stunning find.

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