Author: Carly Hilts

Image: Heritage Daily/ArchaeoSoup Productions/Marc Barkman-Astles

The ArchaeOlympic Games

With London 2012 in full swing, we asked you to come up with some events for the ArchaeOlympic Games – and you didn’t let us down! We received a veritable spoilheap of suggestions via our Twitter and Facebook accounts , so many that we couldn’t cram all of them into our usual column in the […]

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CA 271

Mick Aston is one of our most highly respected and celebrated archaeologists. Over the last 6 months he has left Time Team and received a lifetime achievement award at the British Archaeological Awards. Now he shares the highs and lows of his archaeological journey. From Mick’s earliest site visits (while bunking off school), to his […]

Stirling Castle. Image: Finlay McWalter

Stirling Castle voted the UK’s favourite heritage attraction

Stirling Castle, home to the Stewart dynasty, has been voted the UK’s favourite heritage attraction, beating historic  sites such as  The Tower of London, The Houses of Parliament and Hampton Court Palace. Since the first written reference to the site in the early 12th century, Stirling Castle has witnessed the coronation of Scottish monarchs – […]

Interior of Maeshowe, scanned during the Scottish Ten project. Image: Historic Scotland

Chamber of secrets: Historic Scotland launches virtual tour of Maeshowe

Orkney is world-famous for its spectacular Neolithic archaeology, and now visitors from all over the globe will be able to explore one of its most enigmatic monuments, after a new virtual tour of Maeshowe chambered tomb went live today (29 August). In a video unveiled yesterday by  Scotland’s  Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, the structure […]

Remains of the Namur. Photo: M Symonds

Solved: the 17 year mystery of the ship under the floorboards

In 1995 archaeologists made a surprising discovery beneath the floorboards of the Georgian wheelwright’s workshop at Chatham Historic Dockyard – the remains of an 18th-century flagship. Now after almost two decades of research, the mystery vessel has been named as the  Namur, a second-rate ship of the line that played a key role in the […]


Rare Roman altar found at Maryport

Ongoing excavations at Maryport, Cumbria, have uncovered a Roman altar – the first to be found at the site in over 140 years. In 1870, landowner and antiquarian Humphrey Senhouse discovered  17 altars buried at the Roman fort near Hadrian’s Wall. Now Newcastle University archaeologists have added an 18th to this number. Like those found […]

A selection of Jupiter altars found at Maryport Roman fort and now on display in the Senhouse Museum

Jupiter, best and greatest – Revisiting Maryport’s ritual pits

New excavations have revealed why the country’s finest set of Jupiter altars were committed to the earth in gigantic pits. Ian Haynes and Tony Wilmott explained the contents of the Maryport pits to Matthew Symonds. ‘Never before’, the great Hadrian’s Wall scholar John Collingwood Bruce declared in July 1870 ‘were the antiquaries of this district […]


CA 270

When thousands of bodies were discovered in Medieval mass graves at Spitalfields cemetery, the Black Death was believed to be responsible. Then the radiocarbon dates came back. These placed the burials almost a century before the plague. Seeking an alternative explanation for the deaths, the archaeologists found historical accounts of a famine, and a tantalising […]