Edible Archaeology: Late Glacial Stratigraphy

My wife and I work in the sandy wetlands  of north-west Belgium, and she  made this cake for a colleague who had  been working on Mesolithic-Neolithic  site of Bazel-‘Sluis’, near Antwerp. The  marbling matches the Late Glacial-Early Holocene stratigraphy in the  area (with some added humour about  our heads in the sand). Erick Robinson Ghent […]


Edible Archaeology: Basingstoke Archaeological and Historical Society

Nicola Turton (pictured) made this cake for the Basingstoke Archaeological & Historical  Society’s 40th birthday. It illustrates various aspects of the Society’s work over the years,  including a weaving comb from the Iron Age site  at Viables Farm, iron dividers from the Iron Age  settlement at Ructstalls Hill, and what we had  hoped to find […]


Divide and Conquer: Hadrian’s Wall and the native population

For decades it was believed that the army on Hadrian’s Wall peacefully co-existed with a local farming community flourishing under the pax Romana. Now, as Nick Hodgson explains, fresh excavations suggest that the frontier stamped out a way of life that had endured for centuries. Archaeologists have always struggled to understand the impact of Hadrian’s […]


Time Team: the end of an era?

As Time Team ends its run, Jim Mower – an archaeologist and producer for ten years on the programme – reflects on two decades of television archaeology and asks: what’s next? Time Team is the longest running history/archaeology strand in television history. Although often criticised over its lifetime, this is, by any reckoning, a remarkable […]

series 14

Time Team final episode – review

So that’s it! Last night saw the screening of the final episode of  Time Team,  notwithstanding a few ‘specials’ next year and a new project called ‘Dig Village’ currently in development. Sunday tea-times will never be the same again. Rather than one of the three-day digs for which the Team has become famous, this was […]

Mick Aston 278

Mick Aston’s latest dig

Mick Aston is best known as the leader of the Time Team, running around telling other people what to do and  where to dig.   But Mick is someone who practises what he preaches and for many years now he has been investigating his home village at Winscombe, near Western-Super-Mare in Somerset.   Here he […]


DNA detective work: identifying Richard III

Following questions about the validity of using a genetic sample from a modern day relative of Richard III to help identify his remains, Dr Turi King of the University of Leicester guides us through the process she used. I’m afraid I must start with a quick DNA primer!  I promise to keep it short. Our […]

Image: Colin Brooks, Courtesy University of Leicester

Richard III exhibition opens in Leicester

A new free exhibition dedicated to the search for Richard III opened today (8 Feb) at Leicester’s Guildhall. Richard III: Leicester’s search for a king reveals the archaeological detective work that led to the rediscovery of Greyfriars church, the location of Richard’s grave, and the identification of his remains. Displays place these findings in their […]

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