St Cwyfan's The Church In The Sea

Edible Archaeology: The Church In The Sea

This year’s 3D Archaeological Society weekend away took us to Anglesey, where we visited some excellent sites including churches, castles, burial mounds, Neolithic villages – and quirky places like St Cwyfan’s, ‘The Church In The Sea’, so called because of the coastal erosion that has left it surrounded by water at high tide. This cake, […]


Edible Archaeology: Aberlemno stone

My daughter made this cake to celebrate Tom Gray receiving an honorary degree from Aberdeen University, awarded primarily for his work photographing the carved stones of Scotland and making this corpus readily available to scholars and institutions. It was also his 91st birthday! The cake shows the carved design of one of the Aberlemno stones, […]


Edible Archaeology : Fitzwalter seal matrix

I am one of the late medieval curators at the British Museum, and I made this cake for a recent staff baking competition. It is meant to be a seal impression of the early 13th century Fitzwalter seal matrix, which is normally held by the British Museum, but is currently on display in the British […]

TighCaol_ARP cake (1)

Edible Archaeology: Tigh Caol

This cake represents the remains of an 19th century drovers’ inn at Tigh Caol, Argyll. It was made for GUARD Archaeology Ltd by Sarah Bailie, to celebrate the recent publication of the findings of our community excavation there (see CA 305 for more on this project), and accurately recreates a scaled plan from this report in […]

TH Cake 1 - Dawn

Edible Archaeology: William Hill Pipe Organ

This cake, commissioned by some friends for my 65th birthday last year, is an edible replica of the renowned William Hill Pipe Organ in Birmingham’s Town Hall, which dates back to 1834 and is rated one of the world’s greatest pipe organs. Peter J Smith Birmingham This edition of edible archaeology appeared in issue 304 […]


Edible Archaeology: South Cadbury Hillfort

This cake was made by Brian Cann of the South Somerset Archaeological Research Group (Ssarg), in celebration of the long standing environs project centred around South Cadbury Hillfort. Established in the early 1990s, and inspired by Leslie Alcock’s investigations at the Iron Age site in the 1960s, the project looked at the wider landscape using […]


Edible Archaeology: Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court’s Tudor palace celebrated its 500th birthday in February, and to mark the occasion, Historic Royal Palaces commissioned this showstopping edible extravaganza fit for a king (or queen!) from cake maestros Choccywoccydoodah. Standing over 3ft high and rendered in white chocolate, the cake showcases Hampton Court’s history, with each tier taking inspiration from a […]

111435 (2)

A model monarch: Richard III’s grave recreated in 3D

One year after Richard III’s reinterment, the University of Leicester has released a 3D interactive representation of the king’s grave and skeleton. Created by University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS), who excavated the Greyfriars site where Richard III had been laid to rest, the fully rotatable computer model shows the king’s remains in situ as they were […]


Hadrian’s Wall: 40 Years of Frontier Research

Current Archaeology Live!  presents a special conference, in partnership with Durham University: Hadrian’s Wall: 40 Years of Frontier Research 2-4 September 2016, at Durham University Join us in September for a conference celebrating one of Britain’s greatest archaeological treasures. Hadrian’s Wall is the most famous example of a Roman frontier, but it is also the most mysterious. Far more massive […]

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