Archaeology: What It Is, Where It Is And How To Do It

Paul Wilkinson’s beginner’s guide to practical archaeology comes with a solid endorsement from Mick Aston (‘I wish this book had been available when I started in archaeology’), and is selling very well, which reflects the demand that there is for a good primer, even in this era of constraint on volunteer archaeology.

Warlords: The Struggle For Power In Post-Roman Britain

Whoever coined the term ‘the Dark Ages’ must have been an archaeologist, because the literary record for the post-Roman period is far from sparse. Stuart Laycock (author of Britannia: the failed state, nominated for the Current Archaeology Book of the Year Award 2009) is one of a growing number of archaeologists who have begun to […]

The Oxford Handbook Of Archaeology

The editors state in their introduction that ‘we have encouraged the contributors [to this book] to develop their own points of view … to show the plurality of archaeology … [and to give] … some sense of the excitement, possibility and controversy of archaeological practices and results’. They have succeeded superbly, and though this Oxford […]

Landscapes Of Memory

This collection of essays reprinted from Merry Meet magazine (‘an independent quarterly journal of folklore and paganism’) begins with a disarming introduction in which the author, answering the charge that modern Paganism is a made-up religion, pleads guilty. But, he says, the modern Pagan revival is rooted in the findings of archaeologists and folklorists, and […]


Prehistoric And Roman Essex

The author of this guide to the prehistoric and Roman sites in the boulder-clay lands of Essex and south Suffolk wants us to go out and look at the landscape and develop a feel for the archaeological dimension, to which too many people are blind. From a train window, do you see grass and trees, […]

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