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Curtain up on Shakespeare’s lost theatre

Museum of London archaeologists have uncovered the playhouse which staged the first performance of Romeo and Juliet before Shakespeare’s company moved to the Globe.


Orkney’s first farmers

An entire Neolithic settlement, predating Skara Brae, has been found on the tiny Orkney Island of Wyre.

Excavations at Syon Park c. Museum of London Archaeology

Digging opportunity at Syon Park

This year’s Museum of London community and training excavations will take place at Syon Park in Hounslow, it has been announced.   Both investigations will focus on the house of Sir Richard Wynne, a Parliamentarian on whose land  the 1641 Battle of Brentford was fought as anti-Royalist forces tried to stop Prince Rupert’s troops reaching […]

Kew Palace

Kew royal kitchens reopen

One of the advantages of being Editor-in-Chief is that sometimes one is invited to some rather nice Press visits.   That is how on a rainy day in May we found ourselves visiting the kitchens of the Royal Palace at Kew. The Royal Palace at Kew is the smallest and undoubtedly the prettiest of all […]


Wellington Arch reopens

Wellington Arch, the famous landmark on Hyde Park Corner, re-opened to the public today (9 May) after a major renovation project to transform it into London’s newest exhibition space.

Edible archaeology

Jaffa Cake Henge

This model of Stonehenge is one  of eight other Jaffa Cake creations  Dominic Wilcox  made to represent Britain, from  Tower Bridge to the Loch Ness  monster. The building blocks were  made by excavating about five  different Jaffa Cakes then carefully  balancing them in a circle.  He created  the strangely realistic reflection on  the plate by […]


Treating leprosy

Were lepers reviled as ‘unclean’ outcasts of the Middle Ages? Recent excavations cast doubt on this enduring belief


Pub Dig 4: Cavaliers and Cock Ale

After four weeks of fun, frivolity and fascinating finds, the first series of  Pub Dig series has come to an end. Their final foray took us to Banbury, today an attractive market town  – but during the English Civil War this Parliamentarian stronghold was the site of some of the bloodiest fighting of the whole […]