Who are the volunteers?

Another yawning gap is opening in archaeology – and indeed I suspect in many other subjects, this time over the use of the term ‘volunteer’.

Sexing up Climate Change

I am sorry to return once again to the subject of Climate Change, but this is a subject on which I remain suspicious.

Stonehenge again

The saga of Stonehenge continues, with the various learned bodies vying with each other to see who can produce the most extravagant and expensive plan for Stonehenge.

Calling all local societies

Join the cream of Britain‘s local archaeological societies on Independent’s Day, when local independent archaeological societies come together to celebrate the achievements of an outstanding local group.


The Wainwright archaeological essay prizes

On May 7th 1952, The Times reported: Congregation at Oxford will be asked on Tuesday next to accept a gift of £4,000 from an anonymous benefactor who wishes to encourage the study by schoolboys and by more mature students of non-classical archaeology and general history, as deduced from comparative archaeology, of the countries of the […]


Oxbow – Britain‘s leading archaeological bookseller – is changing.

Does History Matter?

The silly season is upon us, and I hereby proclaim that the award for the silly gimmick of the year must be given to a campaign calling itself History Matters.