The Museum of London has just received a substantial grant of some £11m from the Heritage Lottery Fund for a major £18m rebuilding.


It has still not quite recovered from the last round of rebuilding, from which the Prehistoric and Medieval departments have largely benefitted, but now it is the turn of the Modern department, that is from 1666 down to the present day. Their big gimmick is that they are ‘selling’ ‘years’ for £5,000 each, so if you have that sort of money to spare, do buy a year and become a donor. The gallery themes seem a little soggy though. Instead of a triumphal romp through the Industrial Revolution – the Industrial Revolution is, I fear, non-PC, and is therefore not mentioned – they are instead going to look at ‘large overarching themes, such as citizenship’. Yawn.



This opinion comes from CA issue 204

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