Tony Robinson, filming a piece to camera at Rise Hill

Stop all the spades, fill all the trenches in…

While browsing the web for fun archaeological things to share with our readers (it is Friday, after all!) we stumbled on this fantastic ‘Eulogy for Time Team’, based on W H Auden’s  Stop All The Clocks. It was originally printed in the Australian edition of the  Big Issue, and by the power of the internet […]

honor-frost sq

Honor Frost Foundation

Hurrah!   No sooner had I written my blog on Mr Moneybags than I discovered a new Mr Moneybags, or rather a Miss Moneybags, in the form of the Honor Frost Foundation. I have long known Honor Frost as a name to conjure with,  one of the glamorous pioneers of underwater archaeology, someone who in […]

Hailes Abbey

What price Heritage?

Money, Money, Money: What price heritage? Twice a year, summer and winter, English Heritage publishes a fascinating magazine called Conservation Bulletin. It is intended for those it calls ‘conservation specialists, opinion-formers and decision makers’; it is a wonderful magazine, as it gives an insight into the concerns and policies of English Heritage, the body we […]

Shard  May  2011

I’ve been in London 50 years!

It’s Guy Fawkes night — 5 November 2012 – and I have been in London for 50 years. I first came to London in 1962 to take up a new job and a new life as an articled clerk, and I stayed with my friend David at the Belsize Square Residential Club, a somewhat seedy […]

Mike Fulford

Who is Mr Moneybags in archaeology?

It is a common complaint today that our society has become too unequal. To an archaeologist, of course, the complaint is nonsense. Compare our society to the pharaohs of Egypt, or to most societies in the past – we are remarkably equal. No one is able to afford to build a pyramid today, and even […]

David Baker at Battle

Digging Selborne Priory

What to do when you retire   A lot of my friends seem to be retiring at present and for the same reason: that they all got their jobs in and around the magic years of 1972 and 1973.   In my last blog I went to Mick Jones’ retirement party at Lincoln, and then […]

Lincoln cathedral from castle

Lindiana Jones

Lincoln   – Mick ‘Lindiana’ Jones retires   On October 20th2012, I went up to Lincoln, to the Retirement Party for my old friend Mick Jones, the Lincoln City Archaeologist, held in the Galleries of the new or newish museum. Highlight of the evening was entertainment provided by Tom Lane, Director of Archaeological Projects Services […]

Andrew on Easter island


Now that I am Editor-in-Chief, it means that I am at least semi-retired from Current Archaeology and I am therefore able to devote much of my attention to writing what I call my ‘big book’.   And since one should always think big, at least at the outset, I am setting out to write a […]


East, West, Who’s Best?

I was down in the very splendid library of the Society for Roman Studies, looking for a book and happened by chance to notice a title Rome and China.   I thought,  ha ha!, this  is a book for me.  Since I am devoting my semi-retirement to writing my ‘big book’,  a history of the […]


Archaeological magazines in Europe – and America: the Paestum experience

  It is always fascinating to find out how archaeological magazines are doing in other countries, and we had a marvellous opportunity to do this at the Annual meeting called the Borsa Mediterranea del Turismo Archeologico which is held every November at Paestum in southern Italy.   Paestum is a marvellous place to visit as […]

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