It is now just 3 short days until the Archaeology 2008 conference, which we are co-sponsoring along with the British Museum Department of Portable Antiquities and Treasure and the Traveller.

For the first time in Britain, representatives from all aspects of our discipline will be together in one room: academics, diggers, bureaucrats, freelancers, amateurs, professionals, students and subscribers. The future of archaeology is about communication and open dialogue; we have been committed since the start of this project that some of those discussions will start on the weekend of February 9-10, 2008.

Archaeology fascinates the public; and as it gets ever more exposure, it is vital that all members of the discipline have the opportunity to meet each other, learn each others viewpoints, and, vitally – to make friends on a personal level. I can hardly believe that all the months of planning and hard work have boiled down to just 72 more hours of waiting! The office has been pandemonium since just before Christmas, when the advertisements for the conference went out; I can’t thank all of you enough who called in to offer support, buy tickets, and tell us how excited you are that the event is happening. All of us at CA, CWA and the PAS believed in the idea from the start, but to hear from our subscribers and long-time friends has been tremendous.

The programme speaks for itself, and I am extremely proud that so many top-notch people agreed to participate. Our speakers and moderators represent the discipline of archaeology in Britain in its broadest sense, in terms of geography, job function, areas of research, and communication styles. Personally, I can’t wait to meet everyone and to see how it all goes. I encourage everyone who attends to log on to the website afterwards and tell us what you thought – there will be a special conference evaluation form up for your comments.

See you this weekend!

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