Archaeological opera

After featuring in CA 269 Sherds, there is an  opportunity to catch the London  première  of The  Chalk Legend  at  The Forum in Kentish Town. Based on the discovery of  a mass grave of fifty-one decapitated Viking skeletons  in Dorset, this opera-oratorio depicts  the moment when a band of Viking  warriors lands on the Dorset […]


Excavating Jersey’s record-breaking Celtic coin hoard

A record-breaking hoard of Iron Age coins has been found in Jersey, archaeologists have announced. Estimated to contain between 30,000 and 60,000 coins, if the upper estimate is correct the find could push the Frome Hoard of 52,000 Roman coins into second place as the biggest coin hoard ever discovered. Weighing ¾ of a tonne, […]

(c) Museum of London Archaeology

Curtain up on Shakespeare’s lost theatre

Museum of London archaeologists have uncovered the playhouse which staged the first performance of Romeo and Juliet before Shakespeare’s company moved to the Globe.

Excavations at Syon Park c. Museum of London Archaeology

Digging opportunity at Syon Park

This year’s Museum of London community and training excavations will take place at Syon Park in Hounslow, it has been announced.   Both investigations will focus on the house of Sir Richard Wynne, a Parliamentarian on whose land  the 1641 Battle of Brentford was fought as anti-Royalist forces tried to stop Prince Rupert’s troops reaching […]

Kew Palace

Kew royal kitchens reopen

One of the advantages of being Editor-in-Chief is that sometimes one is invited to some rather nice Press visits.   That is how on a rainy day in May we found ourselves visiting the kitchens of the Royal Palace at Kew. The Royal Palace at Kew is the smallest and undoubtedly the prettiest of all […]


Wellington Arch reopens

Wellington Arch, the famous landmark on Hyde Park Corner, re-opened to the public today (9 May) after a major renovation project to transform it into London’s newest exhibition space.