Shadow of St Pancras

Excavating the Age of Steam St Pancras station famously escaped demolition in the 1960s, but what happened to the bit Betjeman did not save? Louise Davies and Hana Lewis from Museum of London Archaeology share the secrets of the Somers Town Goods Yard with Matthew Symonds. The 1960s were not kind to London’s Victorian heritage. […]


Massacre at Fin Cop

New evidence of an Iron Age hillfort at war Excavation at a Derbyshire hillfort has thrown up unique evidence for the massacre of women and children during the destruction of the fort. Clive Waddington discusses the dig, and what this discovery means for the continuing debate about the function of these sites. Iron Age hillforts […]


The English Castle

  A new generation of castleologists believe that castles were about much more than trebuchets, portcullises, galloping hooves, boiling oil, and the clash of swords on armour: instead, castles were centres of lordship, symbols of wealth, and expressions of status, alluding to the past and expressing poetic ideals. Chris Catling reports. Forget what you were […]


The Archaeology of Royal Weddings

  As Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s nuptials this month stir up feverish national excitement, what light can archaeology shed on the pomp and pageantry of the most magnificent of Royal occasions? Brendon Wilkins goes in search of the evidence. The sound of smashing porcelain paralysed us with fear. Looking down at the kitchen floor, […]


Fit For A King

Scotland’s Stirling Castle has been yielding Renaissance secrets. Gordon Ewart and Dennis Gallagher of Kirkdale Archaeology report on the fashionable grandeur in which the 16th century kings of the northern realm  clothed their power. Stirling Castle is one of Scotland’s most iconic sites. Perched on its great rock, it represents a sequence of fortification from […]

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Nothing beats the excitement of hands-on archaeology, and with the new digging season almost upon us, there is no time to lose. This is a chance to get practical experience, either before heading off to university, or putting into practice what has been studied in theory. But for most, this is simply a glorious way […]


The Stones of Stonehenge

Tim Darvill and Geoffrey Wainwright’s research focuses on the very stones of Stonehenge. Here, they give us an insight into their 2008 excavation at Stonehenge and ten years of fieldwork in and around the Bluestone quarries in the Preseli Hills of north Pembrokeshire. Previous analysis of Stonehenge has focussed on its layout and construction, chronology […]


Time Team book competition now closed

To celebrate the return of Time Team to our screens,  Current Archaeology has offered the chance to win two Team Team books. Competition closed!! Thanks to all our entrants for the overwhelming response we have received, proving once again Time Team’s place in the nation’s heart. The winners who correctly identified five members of Time […]

Hackney Double Eagles

When several companions set about an ambitious piece of landscaping in the back garden of their residence in Hackney, Greater London, a chance discovery brought them to a halt: a large group of gold coins from America. Ian Richardson discusses this curious find. On a summer’s day three years ago, a group of friends set […]

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