Reredos on east chancel wall

Art across the ages

St John the Baptist’s in Inglesham, Wilts., is a Saxon church that boasts a stunning gallery of artwork spanning seven centuries. Images and text compete for space on its walls, in some places overlapping up to 21 layers thick.


Pub Dig 1 – a barrel of laughs

Last night saw the first episode of Pub Dig premiere on Channel 5: an exuberant hunt for Elizabeth I’s lost dockyard – once home to the fleet that defeated the Spanish Armada in 1588.


St Paul’s before Wren

Resurrecting London’s lost Medieval cathedral: what was St Paul’s cathedral like on the eve of the Great Fire?


Past orders: Pub Dig

Many archaeologists like to visit the pub for a post-excavation pint or two… but Pub Dig has taken this tradition to a new level. CA caught up with Paul Blinkhorn to learn more.

CA Live!

Current Archaeology Live! 2012

Now in its fifth year, Current Archaeology Live! is still going from strength to strength. Held for the first time at the University of London’s Senate House, over 350 people came to share the latest news from digs taking place all over the UK and abroad, and to hear the results of the 2012 Current […]

Time Team

Digging with the Time Team

What is archaeology alongside a film crew like? Matthew Symonds found out.  There is something different about a Time Team dig. Excavations normally have an air of calm, with people quietly troweling, sectioning features or wrestling with drawing frames. The hustle and bustle comes at tea time, when diggers compete for the best biscuits and […]

Helmet new

Reconstructing the Hallaton Helmet

A Roman imperial jigsaw puzzle The discovery of fragmentary remains of several Roman helmets at Hallaton, Leicestershire, set conservators quite a challenge. Now, over a decade later their work is complete. Helen Sharp and Simon James reveal what has been learnt. It is 11 years since a mass of corroded iron was found in a […]


The Hackney Hoard

One summer’s day in 2007 several companions set about an ambitious piece of landscaping in the back garden of their residence in Hackney, Greater London.   As their shovels pierced the turf they were likely to have been thinking of the heavy work before them when a chance discovery brought them to a halt; for […]