Interview: John Reid talks about bullets and Burnswark on BBC Radio 4

Listen to John Reid, author of our cover feature Bullets, ballistas and Burnswark, discuss his research at Burnswark Hill on Radio 4’s Today (2 June 2016). The hill in Dumfriesshire is home to a 17-acre native hillfort held in a vice-like grip by two Roman camps. This configuration of Roman camps straddling a hillfort is unique in Britain, and attempts to […]


Exclusive interview – Mick Aston: an archaeological journey

Real-life Archaeologists rarely become household names. Mick Aston is an exception. A defining voice in the development of Time Team and stalwart of the show since its first season in 1994, Mick’s resignation earlier this year ignited a media firestorm. He was in the news again in July after receiving a lifetime achievement award at […]

David Jacques with part of the pelvis of an Aurochs

Cradle of Stonehenge: interview with David Jacques

In CA 271 we brought you news of astonishing Mesolithic finds at Vespasian’s Camp on Salisbury Plain, a potentially game-changing site for our understanding of the Stonehenge landscape. With the site about to star in the first episode of a new BBC archaeology series, we caught up with project director, Buckingham University’s  David Jacques, to […]

Simon Thurley

Simon Thurley: Heritage Guardian

  CA recently interviewed Simon Thurley, Chief Executive of English Heritage, on challenges facing the heritage sector, and the new draft National Planning Framework.     The National Trust is extremely worried about the new draft National Planning Framework. Do you share their concerns? Absolutely, and we are delighted that the NT is making a […]

Dr Matthew Symonds

Meet Matt

Lisa Westcott Wilkins chats to Matthew Symonds, Acting Editor of Current World Archaeology for the past year, who is just about to take up the editorial reins at CA. Why did you become an archaeologist? I’ve loved archaeology for as long as I can remember. I think it started with reading archaeological fiction, like Rosemary […]


An Interview with Ronan Swan of the National Roads Authority

The road more travelled:  Rónán Swan discusses life on the road schemes with CA Editor Lisa Westcott. Why did you become an archaeologist? My father, Leo Swan, was an archaeologist, so I grew up with it. All my holidays were spent on sites, or fieldwalking places like the Dublin mountains, Tara, and the Boyne Valley. […]


Interview: Alice in Archaeologyland

Alice Roberts, one of the most popular presenters of archaeology on TV, discusses the bare bones of her new series with CA Editor Lisa Westcott. How did you get involved in TV archaeology? I started out in medicine and was a junior doctor in south Wales. But I wanted to indulge my interest in anatomy […]


Interview: The Roman Glassmakers

CA editor Lisa Westcott is blown away by a demonstration of authentic Roman glassmaking. The Roman Glassmakers opened shop in 1989, and ever since have specialised in researching the techniques involved in making Roman glass vessels  and in reproducing Roman glass (CA 186).  Now, they have expanded into English Medieval glass, complicated Roman luxury items, […]


An Interview with Martin Carver, editor of Antiquity

One of Britain’s most prolific and colourful archaeologists dishes the dirt with CA Editor Lisa Westcott. Why did you become an archaeologist? My first great loves were literature and poetry. I had no interest in archaeology until I was about 26 years old, on a military posting in Arabia, and came across a site called […]