ImageI have spent all my life studying the past. From travelling around the UK in my camper van going from site to site in the summer, to visiting the archaeology of Guatemala, South East Asia, all across Europe and many other corners of the world.

The best thing about the past is being part of it, whether by visiting some of the great buildings in civilisation, or actively taking part in fieldwork to discover more. This is where we come in. This website is dedicated to being as complete a list of the archaeological fieldwork in the UK as possible. We hope you find it useful.

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This is a new website devoted to archaeological sites – both for digging and visiting – and it is certainly the most comprehensive source of fieldwork opportunities in the UK, listing over 100 digs, and soon digs across the world.

But we also need your help! We want to get your thoughts on each of these excavations, and find out your experiences if you have been on them. What was good about it? What could be done to improve it? What was the level of tuition like? Was it accessible for the novice, or more appropriate for experienced diggers?

With your help, we can make the website even more useful for all our readers, and it will be even easier to choose which excavation is the one for you. And we hope it will also provide valuable feedback for the organisers of these excavations on anything they can improve on for next season!

Happy digging!

Andrew Selkirk

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