Mick Aston: Time Team remembers

When we invited Mick’s Time Team colleagues to contribute to our commemorative article, we were inundated with warm words and loving memories.   Tim Taylor Time Team Series Producer and creator After 23 years of friendship and working with Mick, it is hard to summarise my thoughts about the lovely man, but I will give […]

The Defeat of a French Squadron Commanded by Monsr de la Clue off Cape Lagos on the 18th August 1759 by a Squadron of His Majesty's Ships under the Command of the Right Honble Edward Boscawen, Admiral of the Blue

Finding HMS Namur

In 1995 the discovery of part of a Royal Navy warship hidden in the Wheelwrights Shop at The Historic Dockyard, Chatham, sparked a hunt to determine both the name of the vessel and what it was doing there. Now, this unique find has proven to be the final twist in the tale of an exceptional […]

Geoff Hunt's painting of the Mary rose under sail. Image: Geoff Hunt & The Mary Rose Trust)

10 things you might not know about the Mary Rose

Launched in 1511, the Mary Rose was intended to be the flagship of King Henry VIII’s fleet. She was a new breed of warship with purpose-built gun-ports that made her a fearsome floating fortress. But on 19 July 1545, for reasons still unknown, she sank in the Solent whilst leading 60 ships against the French. […]

Medieval masonry begins to emerge in trench 2. Image: University of Leicester

Richard III: the search for the last Plantagenet king

On 12th September the University of Leicester held an extraordinary press conference. They announced that a three week dig seeking the remains of Richard III had ‘entered a new phase’ with DNA testing under way on an adult male skeleton. So what had they discovered? Richard Buckley, Jo Appleby, and Helen Foxhall Forbes told Matthew […]