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Aberdeen University

University Guide

A guide to all the major university archaeology departments in the UK Here we list all the major University departments that specialise in archaeology, together with descriptions of them taken from their websites and our thoughts along with a list of undergraduate and post graduate courses offered. Some universities listed do not offer straight archaeology […]

Distance learning students

Distance Learning – Anytime Anywhere

Distance learning can offer a valuable route into archaeological study for those who are unable, or just don’t want to, commit to a traditional academic course. Whether you wish to gains recognised qualifications or just learn more about a topic that interests you, distance learning can be ideal. Here two experts in distance learning and […]

Archaeology in Action

Want to be a Digger? – Entering the world of commercial archaeology

Dr Andrew Fitzpatrick, Head of Communications, Wessex Archaeology offers us his insight and tips on getting onto the earchaeology career ladder   If you want to be an archaeologist, what do you need to do to get that first job? Most entry-level jobs are in professional practice, usually as fixed-term contracts doing fieldwork, so you […]

Want to be a digger?

Want to be a digger?

Dr Andrew Fitzpatrick, Head of Communications, Wessex Archaeology tells CA what do you need to do to get that first job.

Archaeologies of real life

Archaeologies of Real Life

Disillusioned by popular representations, Bradley L. Garrett finds himself with an M.A. in archaeology — but is not entirely sure what to do with it.

How much do archaeologists earn?

An estimate  of how much archaeologists earn was provided in 1999 in a survey of archaeological jobs in the UK entitled Profiling the Profession funded by English Heritage and published jointly by them, the Council for British Archaeology, and the Institute of Field Archaeologists.


How to become an archaeologist

Current Archaeology’s advice to those about to seek a paid career in archaeology is identical to Mr Punch’s advice to those about to get married: Don’t. Jobs in archaeology are few and far between. However, do not despair: there are other ways of becoming an archaeologist than becoming a professional archaeologist.

A Career in Archaeology

Should you make a career in archaeology? The Current Archaeology Career guide has traditionally been gloomy: click here for our original – and now classic – advice. Archaeology is certainly a career where the supply of those wishing to become an archaeologist always exceeds the demand for their services, so that jobs are almost almost […]