Year: 2009

Archaeology Awards

  Last year in Cardiff, we launched the Current Archaeology Awards to resounding success. We’re excited to open this year’s competition and look forward to your votes  — just  CLICK HERE; these awards are our way of hearing back from all of you who have helped to make CA such a great success over the […]

Archaeology Festival 2009

Establishing a tradition, this year’s Archaeology Festival provided a venue for lively debate, scenic tours and seasonal snow. A tough act to follow!

Death Underground: Gas warfare at Dura-Europos

Interwar excavators found the remains of about 20 Roman soldiers in an ancient siege tunnel beneath the walls of the Syrian fortress-city of Dura-Europos. No-one was sure how they had died. Now, archaeologist Simon James has pieced together the forensic evidence for the world’s first poison-gas attack.

Caribbean Treasures: Digging forgotten lives on Carriacou

Carriacou is a quiet island idyll in the southern Caribbean. Prior to the arrival of Europeans, this was an archetypal deserted island. Or so it seemed. Now, archaeologists are revealing a vibrant picture of its pre-European life, as Scott Fitzpatrick explains.

CWA 38

We think of chemical weapons as one of the horrifying features of modern warfare.  We might assume that it all started with the First World War. But did it? Our cover feature investigates the gruesome evidence of a stack of bodies discovered inside a siege tunnel at the ancient Syrian frontier city of Dura-Europos. How […]

An Interview with Martin Carver, editor of Antiquity

One of Britain’s most prolific and colourful archaeologists dishes the dirt with CA Editor Lisa Westcott. Why did you become an archaeologist? My first great loves were literature and poetry. I had no interest in archaeology until I was about 26 years old, on a military posting in Arabia, and came across a site called […]

Distance Learning – Anytime, anywhere

For many, the words ‘distance learning’ automatically conjure up a world of geeks staring fixedly at computer screens all day. However, for those of us delivering teaching in this way, it is a much broader church than just computers, software and the internet.

Lifelong study

Richard Lee, Education Project Officer, Council for British Archaeology gives CA the run down on the best choices for Life long learning

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