Month: June 2008

Archaeologies of real life

Archaeologies of Real Life

Disillusioned by popular representations, Bradley L. Garrett finds himself with an M.A. in archaeology — but is not entirely sure what to do with it.

Illustrating the past: The rock art of Southeast Asia

From the bison of Lascaux to the intriguing figures from the Sahara, the prehistoric rock art of Europe and Africa is   undeniably alluring. But what about ancient rock art from other parts of the world? Although it tends to be forgotten,   outheast Asia boasts a unique corpus of material, and almost as much […]

Pintia, fortunes of a pre-roman city in hispania

Pintia was a thriving Iron Age city in North Central Spain. At its dawn, around the 5th century BC, it was part of the Vaccean culture, an Iron Age people with Celtic links whom scholars believe crossed into Spain from Central Europe. In the 3rd century BC, the area came under attack from Hannibal, and […]

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